Free Medical Dictionary 1.0

A lightweight offline dictionary that contains medical terms and features auto-update tools to stay up to date

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Whether they be vapid or vital, the Free Medical Dictionary application is a one stop shop for the answers to users' every medical question.


Have you ever had a burning medical question? Maybe you just enjoy learning about anatomy and physiology, or perhaps you had a paper to write on a specific medical topic or subject and the deadline was fast approaching. Then again, maybe you just had the flu! Whatever the case, the Free Medical Dictionary app is here to make sure that its users never again have to go without the medical knowledge they desire.

The tool itself is divided into two parts: the dictionary proper and a Google interface. The dictionary is quite extensive, but the Google shell is lackluster, and users should skip it and head for the Internet if they've got some hardcore searching to do. As for the dictionary itself, one may either search through its entire alphabetized contents or opt for using the built-in search bar function. Results are easily read (which is a plus, given the often-dense nature of this sort of information), but accuracy is middling at best.

Speaking of results, whatever specific queries might return is displayed within the main screen, so there's no bothersome hunting for info after running a search.


* Do you have a need for a handy-dandy medical reference but an aversion to paying for it? Well, with this Free Medical Dictionary tool, you're in luck! Now you can get what you want for free.

* The dictionary itself is a great starter/casual use manual. It's no Grey's Anatomy, but for the layman with an interest in biology, medicine and the like, it'll do just fine as a reference.

* This tool is the antithesis of a resource hog - your computer won't even notice it's running.

* Given the ever-changing landscape and paradigms of medicine, it's important that any reference material be adaptable to suit the eternal march of progress. This utility recognizes that, and as such, it is equipped with auto-update functionality.


* The Google shell/interface is basically worthless. Users are better off using the actual site - it'll be quicker and better in every relevant way.

* On a related note, this Free Medical Dictionary is designed primarily for offline use; prospective users who are never without Internet access can just as easily source the information they would otherwise find in this dictionary from their preferred search engine.

* Navigation in the swiping or flipping of pages sense of the word is virtually non-existent. Don't expect to get a book-like experience.

* This Free Medical Dictionary utility is devoid of annotation, configuration or customization options. What the user sees is what he or she gets, plain and simple.


Provided that prospective users aren't in need of a medical school-level reference, and as long as they are willing to overlook a few minor flaws and hangups, they should find the Free Medical Dictionary tool to be a great choice for a basic, offline-centric medical resource.

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